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Journey to the Toy Village

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Since early times search has been the human’s deepest desire – search for wisdom, talent, newer discoveries, inventions and different ways for entertainment which has pushed the early humans to venture out and far from their home lands. It is this search which allowed mixing of cultures and traditions; sharing of knowledge and techniques; and finally values and belief systems.

Every child has one common dream of Toy Land from generations. We all have grown up thinking of place full of colourful Toys. Till date for us Toy land only existed in dreams.

We never ever thought that innocent childhood dream will one day become reality. Yess.. you read correct that Childhood Fantasy became reality.

In our journey of exploring Arts of this land at Suwaasini we recently explored a Toy village.

In Andhra Pradesh there is small village blessed with more than 200 artisans’ family who are making toys from Generations. This rendezvous with these artists who are living innocent dreams was truly enthralling.

The craft of making wooden lacquered objects goes back many generations. It is said to have been practiced from 300 BC. Toys, ornaments, images of god and decorative pieces made from softwood and brightly colored with lacquer have come to be famous for their skillful craftsmanship .Most of the artisans practicing this craft belong to Vishwa brahmin, Devanga, Gouda, Padmasali, Konda, Setty baliga, Kapu castes.

First glimpse of road heading to village was itself a landscape painting by creator himself. Sight of coconut trees, rice farms huts was soothing soul to its core.

We passed by small lanes of villages and reached to small outlet selling Handmade Toys. We met on Artist in that shop and he livingly too k us to he is house. The warmth and love the family poured on us was unbelievable. We realized that while living in cities full of mechanical jobs, gadgets and set routines somehow we lost the purity of expression, love and warmth. We felt blessed to absorb the innocent smiles of ladies looking at us eyes of small kids following us touched our hearts.

When we entered in house the floor was full of sawdust the first room of the house was used to make toys and there were two apparatus of lathe machine was fitted on the floor.

The artist lovingly explained us the whole process of making toy and made two samples in front of us. His skilful demo left us awestruck. We are going to treasure these samples forever.

The main raw materials used in making these wooden toys are

Ankudi Karra(Wrightia tinctoria) and lac.

Tools used in toy making are as follows:

Lathe machine,Badithi(axe shaped) different types of chisels locally known as Vuli, Mogali Aaku (the leaves of a particular tree)

These artisans make amazing products like dolls,veena, key chains and count goes on . The colour combination and smooth finishing makes this products irresistible. Each and every product expresses the innocent dreams and purity of this village. We at suwaasini are proud to present and promote this art form. We are blessed to meet these pure souls in our journey.

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